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Rather than a strictly holy icon, the plastic, Americanized Madonna comes to represent a real woman to whom the patrons turn to recover their losses and memories of the homeland.

Both are, however, possible interpretations for women. What assumptions does the author make about the people who promote the myth discussed in their text. Rather, Cofer reveals how women negotiate a wealth of cultural constructs, juxtaposed with lived, embodied experiences.

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As participant and observer, the narrator becomes the "cultural chameleon" 17 who can blend into crowds and, when she returns to the mainland, repeat these stories to connect herself to a cultural heritage she associates with women. Start with the title of the work and talk about what it represents by topic, theme, tone, impression, etc.

Exercise 2 Divide into groups of four or five approximately six groups total and wait further instructions about one of the three authors assigned for this week, each of which focuses on a stereotype: In the poem, both the priest and the prostitutes are bound by a life of servitude, but the prostitutes' very presence in church belies their lot as sinners because they have the same possibilities for redemption as Mary Magdalene.

Cofer presents notions of the Virgin and marriage to provide a wealth of cultural and linguistic markers associated with American and Puerto Rican culture, but markers that include, and move beyond, stereotypical notions present in both cultures.

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Why, in your opinion, did the author write it. As a Puerto Rican girl, Cofer often disagrees with the expectations and limits positioned on a woman in Puerto Rican society, and this attitude is normally the subject matter of very much of her function.

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The language in this poem presents these women both as redeemed and sinful, as innocents and outcasts, but never singularly defined. The multiple representations of courtship provide numerous choices to empower a young girl who can decide for herself how to interpret the situation of courtship on whichever shore she finds herself.

To chose certain roles means to accept the position each role is assigned in a community, such as the Fulana, who subverts and resists traditional notions of the nameless.

In this poem, the narrator plays on the titular Latin origins of a poetic term and technique. How and why does it compare or contrast to the theses of the other two authors assigned for tonight.

The term casa is one many English speaking readers can define as house, home, or household but which, in the context of the story, refers not to a physical structure but to a sense of home the narrator associates with Puerto Rican women, their traditions, and the island.

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The flight and dance refer to sexual knowledge of her own body as well as the bodies of men; yet, she must remember her name in the same way she must remember her character and reputation. The fluidity of words and phrases fuels Cofer's work and points to the larger cultural contexts that support such instability, thus demanding that the reader define and redefine assumptions about con textual meaning—where women are concerned—in order to enter a dialogue with the text as a whole.

Each represents a possible interpretation of her, depending on the context in which she is invoked. There is no characterization of women that embodies the truth. Ap world history ccot essay spike Ap world history ccot essay spike the journalist and the murderer essay.

Then, complete the following: Since the narrator continually moves between the island and the mainland, however, her community of women is not fixed in either locale.

More importantly, the story of the Black Virgin is only a brief segment of a larger tale about women's autonomy. Ultimately, Cofer's shifts between two geographies and two sets of cultural codes reveal her dual commitment to both, and the effects the negotiation between the two cultures, histories, traditions, and languages has on notions of identity and agency, as will be seen, specifically for women.

Examples of completed orders. A wife is an unconditional nurturer" or "Myth 3: As one of the distinguishing aspects of her work, Cofer argues that incorporating Spanish and English indicates how "saying one thing in a particular way is completely different than saying the same thing in another way" "The Art".

Nov 29,  · volar by judith ortiz cofer essay Judith Ortiz Cofer answers questions about writing - Duration: Disney Being Sued by Singer Who Claims 'Let It Go' Ripped off His Song - Duration.

Dec 11,  · Claims by Judith Ortiz Judith Ortiz Cofer is certainly a Puerto Rican whose composing frequently investigates the issue and the beauty of ethnicities blending collectively, as 4/4(61).

Judith Ortiz Cofer Ortiz Cofer, a longtime resident of Georgia, was one of a number of Latina writers who rose to prominence during the s and s. Her stories about coming-of-age experiences in Puerto Rican communities outside of New York City and her poems and essays about cultural conflicts of immigrants to the U.S.

mainland made. Essay on Claims by Judith Ortiz Words | 4 Pages Claims by Judith Ortiz Judith Ortiz Cofer is a Puerto Rican whose writing often examines the conflict and the beauty of cultures mixing together, as people immigrate to America.

Claims by Judith Ortiz Essay examples - Claims by Judith Ortiz Judith Ortiz Cofer is a Puerto Rican whose writing often examines the conflict and the beauty of cultures mixing together, as people immigrate to America. An Analysis of the Puerto Rican Culture in Claim by Judith Ortiz Cofer PAGES 2.

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