A reflection on my learning styles education essay

I possess pieces of each of the seven multiple intelligences. My intuitive and global nature has also placed me somewhat apart in my life. In part five, my score for global and particular scores were almost the same. I tend to react quickly in acting or speaking, without thinking and I think before taking action.

This gives me a consistent picture. In that moment I realized, that Kate was making sure that these second graders understood the main idea of a story in a different language rather than little grammar mistakes.

These kinds of problems are unique for the adult learners and various researches are being conducted in order to curb and alleviate such problems. This means that I like to go from general to specific. In part six, my score for synthesizing and analytic were almost the same.

I learn best when I have an outline in front of me with everything detailed in a logical and flowing order. I believe abstract thinking can be beneficial in specific learning situations, while not in others. I also found one more Learning-Styles-Online.

There are also many areas in my learning style that I can improve upon. According to part nine, I am both a field-independent and field dependent learner. Anonymous Reference Honey, P. A person or a group of people can only be productive and efficient if he or she feels comfortable in his or her surroundings.

Rather than focusing on learning as a goal of education, the promotion of the intellectual, cognitive, or social developments of the individual may emerge as more typical objects of instruction. For when I am learning languages, I tend to be more field-dependent, and take information in more of a holistic manner.

What I have learned, and need to continue to practice and expand as a teacher, is to structure times when I can recharge; thinking quietly and enjoying the lack of external stimulus. If I have trouble connecting with one of the kids while teaching, it might be that the kid does not learn in the same manner as I do.

I have therefore mapped out a study plan, to allow me to make constructive use of my time.

Learning Style Survey – Reflection on my learning and teaching styles

A practical outcome of adult educational psychology research is that it often produces findings that can be useful to practitioners in the development of effective instructional methods and assessment techniques that are useful indicators of adult learning Pourchot and Smith ; Yoonkyeing I recall always learning in this fashion.

Adult Learning and Development: I tend to be more reflective than impulsive. It was at that time of day I felt motivated, sharp, and mentally alert. Learning, I do tend to portray both aspects, such as I am able to summarize material well and focus on pulling ideas apart after understanding the overall material.

The very act of learning is a developmental process. I believe that I am an achiever and have the willpower, perseverance, and desire to do well.

Self-Assesment and Reflection Essay

I find it difficult to concentrate on lengthy written tasks or reading technical books. I prefer to work alone. In conclusion, I have discovered my particular learning style. Get professional essay writing help at an affordable cost. I now understand how important when looking at journal articles and web pages how relevant the information is and more importantly its source being it a properly referenced article or a sponsored piece Pears, Shields and Lancaster.

Reflection On Learning Style. a non-government organization serving the mentally disabled. No matter which specialty I am working in or how senior I am, I found learning being crucial for professional competence, job satisfaction and personal growth.

In this paper, I would like to reflect critically on my experience of learning in nursing with reference to relevant learning. In an effort to discover my learning style I will describe my learning assessment results and provide brief description of different learning styles.

I will discuss what I learn about myself, and how my learning style affects my education. A Reflection On My Learning Styles Education Essay INTRODUCTION This reflective essay aims to draw reflection from experience acquired from the Learning from Practice and Reflection (LFPR) module studied at level 1.

Reflective Essay on Learning Styles and Theories. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: “a comprehensive theory which offers the foundation for an approach to education and learning as a lifelong process and which is soundbased intellectual traditions of philosophy and cognitive and social psychologyklb4kind.

Learning Style Survey – Reflection on my learning and teaching styles April 12, By Rubama Filed Under: Uncategorized Leave a Comment The results of learning style preference survey were different than I expected them to be.

Introduction. Through this course I have learnt reflect on my strengths and weaknesses in relation to education and training.

I now recognize that there are different learning styles which are Activist, Reflector, Theorist and Pragmatist (Honey and Mumford, ).

A reflection on my learning styles education essay
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Learning Style Survey – Reflection on my learning and teaching styles